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    GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd is the most trusted Effluent treatment plant manufacturer in Hyderabad which uses advanced technologies to eliminate both toxic and non-toxic substances from industrial wastewater. We design, manufacture, and supply effluent treatment plants on a turnkey basis for various types and natures of wastewater and effluents.

    • With 24+ years of expertise in this field, we manufacture high-quality equipment at reasonable rates in the market.

    • We offer a wide range of customized ETP plants with capacity ranges from 2 KLD to 1000 KLD along with compact design for easy operation and maintenance.

    • As leading ETP plant manufacturers in Hyderabad, we ensure eco-friendly wastewater management for sustainable industrial operations with the latest techniques and efficient methods.

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    We offer a wide range of ETP plants with advanced techniques according to your industrial needs. We design and construct Prefabricated packaged ETP, ETP RO Plants, Softener plants etc.

    Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturing Company in Hyderabad

    We are an ISO-certified partner for ETP plant manufacturers in Hyderabad to treat sewage generated by colonies, pulp and paper manufacturing, chemical processing, etc. We design, construct, and install a wide range of industrial effluent treatment plants with technologies including Multiple effect evaporators, mechanical vapor recompression (MVR), Forward osmosis, Industrial RO plants, Ultrafiltration systems, Electrocoagulation systems, and Dissolved air Floatation systems according to customer requirements.

    The Key Technologies in the ETP Water Treatment Plant

    • Primary Chemical flocculation
    • Secondary Chemical flocculation
    • Multiple effect Evaporators

    • Scientific Secured Landfill Facility

    • Tertiary UF/Reverse Osmosis Plant/Nano filtration

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