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    Best Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturer in India

    Top Industrial ETP Suppliers in India

    GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd is the leading ZLD Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers in India which uses advanced technologies to retreat the wastewater. Our skid mounted ETP system employs a combination of physical, biological, and chemical processes to eliminate both toxic and non-toxic substances from industrial wastewater. With 24+ years of expertise in this field, we manufacture high-quality equipment with compact design for easy operation and maintenance, also we supply our top-grade ETP plant at the most reasonable rates in the market. The key benefits of using ETP are:

    • Environmental Compliance

    • Public Health Protection

    • Resource Conservation and Reuse

    • Protection of Natural Ecosystems

    Working Stages of Our ETP Systems


    The first stage is the removal of Oil and Grease, TSS, COD, CO2 from effluent


    The treated effluent is the fed to evaporation to increase the effluent concentration.

    Drying and Disposal

    Then it dryed or crystallized to powder or solid form for disposal

    Trusted Zero Liquid Discharge System Suppliers in India

    We are India’s Leading Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) Plant manufacturer for treating sewage generated by Colonies, Pulp and Paper manufacturing, Sugar and distilleries, chemical processing, Slaughterhouse and Meat processing, Food & Beverage industries, Cement industries, Pharmaceuticals and Bulk medication industries etc. We design, construct and install a wide-range of ETP plant with technologies including Industrial RO plant, Ultrafiltration systems, Electrocoagulation systems, Dissolved air Floatation systems according to customer requirements for various industries.

    The five main systems we used

    • Primary Chemical flocculation
    • Secondary Chemical flocculation
    • Multiple effect Evaporators

    • Scientific Secured Landfill Facility

    • Tertiary UF/Reverse Osmosis Plant/Nano filtration

    Zero Liquid Discharge Plant Manufacturer in India
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