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    Top Paddle Sludge Dryer Manufacturer and Supplier in Bangalore

    GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd stands as a premier paddle dryer manufacturer in Bangalore, committed to delivering exceptional industrial drying solutions. With over 24+ years of experience in the field of drying and processing materials that have good thermal stability, we manufacture the finest sludge dryers with 100% efficiency and customization options based on customer requirements.

    • We supply high-quality paddle dryers that can operate between 50-1500kg/hr, also personalized up to 2000kg/hr.

    • We offer paddle sludge dryers with different specifications and capacities that handle high moisture content and excel in reducing sludge volume.

    • As a leading rotary vacuum paddle dryer manufacturer and supplier in Bangalore, we also provide free installation and maintenance assistance.

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    Step into an innovation of manufacturing excellence with our rotary dryer system. Contact us today to explore how our premium-quality machines, coupled with our dedicated services,

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    Rotary Dryers Manufacturers in Bangalore For Various Industries

    environment industry

    Environment Industry

    Our robust rotary paddle dryers are designed for the efficient drying of toxic and hazardous materials, ensuring environmental protection.

    food industry

    Food Industry

    Paddle Dryers with vacuum-sealed construction, ideal for sensitive food-grade material processes like roasting, sterilization, denaturing flour, blending, and thermal processing.

    chemical industry

    Chemical Industry

    Our Sludge Dryers are designed with dual temperature zone to handle chemical waste efficiently including polymers, gypsum, metal powders, minerals, and lithium.

    What’s Makes Us Unique
    We’re Your One-stop Solution For Paddle Dryers

    We are the best original equipment manufacturer in Bangalore offering rotary paddle dryers that produce a thermal efficiency of 98% and dry sludge with a moisture content of less than 10%.

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    • Low Installation cost

    • High Efficiency

    We Provide Best Industrial Drying Solution
    Rotary paddle dryer manufacturer near me

    Most Trusted Industrial Sludge Dryer Suppliers in Bangalore

    • GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd is the premier stainless steel paddle dryer manufacturer in Bangalore and excels in delivering top-notch industrial drying solutions, featuring corrosion resistance, and low maintenance. Our rotary dryers can be operated and withstand high temperatures of about 70-80 °C.
    • Available in capacities of 50 kg/hr, 100 kg/hr, and 250 kg/hr, our systems are customizable to higher capacities based on customer requirements.
    • If you’re looking for high-quality rotary paddle dryers near me, reach out to us at +91 9843030427, and witness the efficiency of our paddle dryers enhancing industrial drying processes across Bangalore.

    Municipal Sludge

    Our Rotary Sludge dryers are used in the co-combustion of sewage sludge in municipal solid waste plants where the sludge is dried up to 90% dry solids.

    municipal Sludge Dryer

    Industrial Sludge

    We supply paddle dryers with automatic/semi-automatic options that can process even the most toxic sludge from the ETP regardless of the industry.

    industrial sludge dryer

    Byproduct Valorization

    Post-processing can be conducted from the agri and food waste through our sludge dryers that have the potential to produce bioenergy and biochar.