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    High-Quality Manufacturer and Supplier of Wet Scrubber in Chennai

    GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd is the leading wet scrubber manufacturer in Chennai offering high-quality products at an affordable price. Our company’s modern technology & dedication to ensuring a cleaner environment are the keys to success. We provide various types of wet scrubbers for removing fumes such as Phosphoric acid, silicon tetrafluoride, super phosphate, HNO3, HCl, NH3, and Fluorine. We supply wet scrubber systems with strict air quality standards set by CPCB/State PCB and offer eco-friendly options for various industrial sectors.

    With more than 24+ years of experience in the manufacturing industry, we also offer consultation services to comply with air purification standards, high efficiency, and simple installation. Our scrubber is environmental equipment known for solving wastewater treatment challenges and complex industrial air pollution control. As a leading wet scrubber supplier in Chennai, we meet the unique requirements of our clients by using modern technology.

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    Types of Wet Scrubbers We Manufacture in Chennai

    Our Wet Scrubber System is used to remove harmful pollutants such as gases, and chemicals, from industrial exhaust systems. Our industrial wet scrubbers in Chennai are suited for various industrial sectors., from foundries to chemical and petrochemicals, pharmaceuticals to power plants, and more. As top-notch wet scrubber manufacturers in Chennai, we make wet scrubbers to render high efficiency, low maintenance, and reliable air pollution control. We offer scrubber systems with various types and capacities that are constructed from high-quality materials like MS, SS, PP, and FRP.

    venturi wet scrubber system

    Employing a venturi throat, this scrubber efficiently captures exhaust gas pollutants, making it a reliable choice for industries seeking effective pollution control.

    multi stage scrubbers supplier

    A multistage wet scrubber is a device that controls air pollution by removing pollutants from industrial output through many scrubbing stages, using liquid droplets to collect and neutralise particles.

    boiler wet scrubber by GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd

    Boiler systems require us to make sure we comply to strict environmental standards, our boiler wet scrubber is specifically designed with this in consideration.

    DG wet scrubber manufacturer

    Tailored to diesel generator exhaust emissions, our DG wet scrubber efficiently captures and controls air pollution, significantly contributing to the improvement of air quality.

    Amine scrubber system

    Industries dealing with amine-based processes rely on our highly effective amine scrubber to remove pollutants

    nox scrubber

    Targeting nitrogen oxide emissions, our NOx wet scrubber system in Chennai plays a pivotal role in reducing air pollution and maintaining cleaner air quality.

    amonia wet scrubber

    An ammonia scrubber is an air pollution control equipment that eliminates and removes acidic gases from industrial pollutants, including sulphur dioxide, by using a solution containing ammonia.