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    Automatic Filter press system manufacturers in India

    Best Filter Press Machine Suppliers in India

    GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd is one of the high-quality filter press manufacturers in India with the latest technology that adheres to industrial standards. With 24+ years of experience in this industry, we take pride in supplying cost-effective dewatering equipment that prioritizes sustainability and environmental responsibility. Also, we are the South-Indian dealer of Panama Engineering Company supplying a wide range of filter presses that cater to various industries.

    Types of Filter Press We Manufacture

    Fully Automatic Filter Press System With Auto Cloth Washing Carrier

    We are the prominent Automatic Filter press systems suppliers in India offering high-end degree of dewatering system that is economical in filtration and operates more the cycle time per day which gives more dewatering of feed sludge. The fully automatic filter press is completely an advanced PLC programmed system with plate shifter mechanism and cloth washing carrier that increase the filtration time.

    High-level of security

    Maximum Versatility

    Trouble-free operation

     Automatic Filter Press

    Automatic Membrane Filterpress System (Membrane Squeeze Type)

    The filter plates which are used in our membrane filter press are designed for unique applications. We design, manufacture, supply diaphragm/membrane squeeze filter press plates that will give excess removal of Sludge. Get the top-quality membrane filter press systems with customized options from our leading suppliers in India.

    High-level of security

    Short working cycle and high efficiency

    Good filtering performance

     Automatic Filter Press

    PP Recessed Plate Hydraulic Operated Filter Press System

    We manufacture the hydraulic operated filter press systems in India with customized options that includes PP Recessed plate. The plate and frame press are the most fundamental and the conventional type , the modern version of filter press uses plates that have recesses and therefore called recessed chamber filter presses. The frames act as clamping holding supporting part, and will use a hydraulic cylinder and pump to open and close the press.

    Can achieve very low cake moisture content

    Minimal energy consumption

    High Processing capacity

     Automatic Filter Press

    Semi-Automatic Camshaft Filter Press System

    We construct top-quality Semi-automatic filter presses in India with a compact and robust design for effective process control, moving from simple mechanisms to automatic systems for ease of day-to-day operations and filtered sludge separation that works faster than manual. Our semi-automatic filter press offers a high degree of configuration with maximum flexibility and flawless filtration.

    Space-saving Equipment

    Fulfil the special safety standards

    Simplified operation

     Automatic Filter Press

    India’s No.1 Filter Press Spare Parts And Accessories Manufacturer

    Are you looking for quality filter press accessories and other service works?

    We not only manufacture but also service filter press parts, and accessories to ensure the efficiency and longevity of your filter press.

    Are you in need of installing filter press systems for your business or industry?

    We are pioneers in designing, constructing, and installing systems related to wastewater treatment, filtration, and dewatering techniques.

    Premium Industrial Filter Press Suppliers in India

    As a reputed filter plate manufacturer in India, we make quality filter press parts in all sizes and capacities suitable for various industries, also we offer replacements and services for filter plates, cloths, and other accessories with 100% premium quality spare parts. Whether you need installation services, repairs, upgrades, or modernization of your filter presses, we are the one-stop solution for all your filtration needs.

    With a well-structured manufacturing unit and a team of engineers and technicians, we can customize filter press dewatering systems with 15-32 bar operating pressure according to your preferences. Our customized filtration solutions are curated to improve equipment reliability and flexibility, thus helping you optimize the performance of the filter press.

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