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GTS ENVIRO INDIA PVT LTD are the Channel Partner / Dealer for South Indian region for M/s Panama Engineering Company, the World Class FILTERPRESS Manufacturers. GTS will look after the sales, marketing, promotions, Installation works and service supports of Panama’s FILTERPRESS systems for the Effective & Successful Sludge Dewatering Solutions for Varies Industrial Applications.
Panama Engineering Company are the pioneers in manufacturing Fully Automatic Filter Press System. Company have designed advance featured fully automatic filter press machine which ensures high efficiency to meet all the requirements of industrial needs. Our filter press machines are suitable to Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant Sludge dewatering purposes, dyes & pigments , pharmaceuticals , mines & metallurgy, edible oil filtrations and ceramic industries.

Filter press machine and its parts
Filter press equipment
Automatic Filter press
Filter press plates and cloths

Salient Features of our Filterpress

Salient Features of our Filterpress!

Fully Automatic Opening & Closing Arrangments
Auto Plate shifting and vibrating mechanism
Auto drip tray with belt conveyor system
Auto Cloth washing arrangements
PLC control for Feeding Pump & Equipment
Heavy duty Fabrication of Filter Press frame
Pure PP & Long lasting Recessed Filter Plates
Hybrid Membrane type filter-press plates for better squeezing of sludge and better removal of


Plate transport mechanism which moves each plate in turn automatically, once the moving end is retracted to its fully open position.

  • Chain Tensioning Device

  • Guide elements affixed laterally to the side bars wit endless circulating double roller chains

  • Hydro motor, directly driven by the hydraulics of the filter press (closing device) the switching-over being effected by pressure switch units
  • Electrical Limit switches moisture content



GTS’s Paddle Sludge Dryer (Manufactured by GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd) provides Excellent reduction of sludge volume. This results in a dramatic reduction of sludge disposal and handling costs and provides a rapid payback period. GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd manufactures batch process, as well as continuous process sludge dryers. The batch process dryers use steam, gas, or electric heat sources, while the continuous process dryers use either steam or gas Our Paddle Sludge Dryers consists of the Bottom curved Chamber with steam jacket, paddle with shaft, bearing and seals, necessary gearbox and motor, exhaust blower with scrubber for gas purification, raw sludge cake holding basket with screw conveyor, de-moisturized sludge powder conveyor. Our systems are available in 50 kg/hr, 100 kg/hr, 250 kg/hr capacities and can be manufactured in higher capacities for as per customer’s requirements.

GTS’s BELT CONVEYOR for Foundries, Crusher Units and varies material handling


Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) is the process of removing suspended solids, oils and other contaminants via the use of air bubble flotation. Air is dissolved into water, mixed with the waste stream and released from solution while in intimate contact with the contaminants. Air bubbles form, attach to the solids, increase their buoyancy and float the solids to the water’s surface.

The dissolved air comes out of solution, producing millions of microscopic bubbles. These bubbles attach to the solids and float them to the surface where they are mechanically skimmed and removed from the tank. GTS Enviro India Pvt Ltd’s Skid Mounted DAF cum UF System is designed to remove fats, oils & grease (FOG), suspended solids, hydrocarbon oils/emulsions and many other contaminants.

Water recycle yields Zero Liquid Discharge capabilities.
High concentration and minimizes disposal costs.
Low initial set up costs.
Minimal pretreatment chemicals needed

DAF system in Effluent treatment