Retrofitted Emission Control Systems for Diesel Generators

Retrofitted Emission Control System for DG Set (Diesel generator)

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Why GTS PROJECTS’s Retrofitted Emission Control Equipment (Wet Scrubber System for DG Set) Required?

“The Emission including Particulate matters due to operation of Generators set has also been identified as one of the sources of air pollution in Tamilnadu. There is a plan for a national level target of 30% reduction of PM 2.5 and PM10 concentration in the Ambient Air under the National Clear Air Program(NCAP).

To Achieve the same TN Govt have taken an initiative to reduce the emissions of Generator sets used by the people in Tamilnadu. TN Govt have requested all the people who are using generators using 125kVA and above to fix Retrofit Equipment or a device to reduce the emissions from the Diesel Generator sets.

GTS PROJECTS’s Retrofitted Emission Control System for DG Set

GTS PROJECTS’s Retrofitted Emission Control System is the device to remove emissions from the Diesel Generator engine exhaust flue gas. Retrofits can be very effective at reducing emissions, eliminating up to 70% – 90 % of pollutants/constituents/particulate matters present in the flue-gas.

Our Retrofitted System will not only reduce air pollution but also enable our cities to rank higher on the livability standards.

DG sets generates large amount of pollutants. It is estimated that at the various places like metro stations, Industries, Commercial buildings, IT Parks etc., DG sets are used for even fifteen minutes day can add many tons of particulate matter from all the diesel.

Govt have passed directions to all states and union territories, ensuring a strict enforcement of the National Clean Air Plan to make suitable provisions on control of pollution from diesel generators. in-use and also to include control and mitigation measures related to these generators as per NGT Guidelines, CPCB_Norms etc.

Permissible limit

PM – 150 mg/Nm3

SO2 – 100 ppm

NOX – 50 ppm

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